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For 30 years, Sierra Flower Trading has been a leading fresh flower and foliage distributor, specializing in global supply and transportation logistics mainly in Canada. From every corner of the world, we have offered an extensive product selection of the freshest, highest quality product available. Our commitment to quality, a diverse range of products and sustainable product choices has always assured our clients that the flowers they get from us make people say WOW! 


Now we are opening up our expertise to American floral industry professionals under one innovative program called Sierraflowerfinder/SHOP!


Through our proposition of FOB Miami pricing, we are now offering our unique South American service offer to US wholesalers and florists. All you need is logistics already set up out of Miami – it really is that simple! You might be wondering: what is our service offer, why is it so special? Well, at Sierra our product quality, selection & diversity as well as our vision for long term sustainability all come together to give you that WOW quality of product that everyone is always looking for!


Let’s break down what makes us different.



Quality - Be Outstanding!


By offering quality flowers that last beyond your customer’s expectations, you will stand out in their minds as the place to go to for their flower needs.


Sierra quality is flowers that last longer.


Independent studies have proven that transport temperatures make or break the quality of flowers. We have a detailed cold chain management system which monitors temperatures all through transit. This ensures that you receive only the most consistent, longest lasting product.


  • We use only refrigerated land transportation.

  • Temperature readings are taken and recorded at the airport of departure and in Miami.

  • Electronic recorders, which take a temperature reading every 10 minutes, are placed in both truck and air shipments. This allows us to solve potential problems quickly and effectively, so you always receive the best flowers possible.

  • All boxes arriving in Miami are passed through pre-cooling units, ensuring that the cold chain is maintained.

Sierra quality is flowers that meet standards.


Continual verification of the quality and grading of your flowers on every shipment means you send only the best to your clients. Sierra has worked towards unifying grading standards to reflect the needs and expectations of the marketplace. These standards enable the farms to know what is expected of them and their products and it allows clients to have their expectations met consistently.


  • The standards for many products are available in and our quality control team applies these standards to each shipment.

  • Our centralized quality control department inspects a minimum of 1 box of every different product, from each farm.

  • Each week, an average of 800 boxes are opened at our quality control facilities and inspected. The bunches inside are weighed, measured and the flower quality is verified.

  • All information is entered into our online database and immediately made available to all farms.

  • Key issues are immediately addressed at the farm and concerned product is meticulously tracked down for monitoring and quick resolution.

  • We are testing flowers and suppliers for performance and packaging on a weekly basis and our testing area is a reflection of our “rubber meets the road” attitude – we measure, fact-check, discuss and analyze flower Quality as part of our company culture.

  • Our offer is continually curated on a weekly basis and as such it always reflects our current quality profiles; this means that you never buy flowers which don’t currently meet or exceed all of our high standards. You are protected!


Sierra quality is flowers that are fresh.


Selling old flowers robs vase life from the consumer. Starting out with flowers that are fresh is the first step in knowing they will last longer.


  • Box labels contain arrival dates that allow for traceability.

  • We only buy cut-to-order farm fresh flowers and do not EVER rotate products. This means that your flowers are always fresher and last longer.


Diversity - Be Unique!

Sierra diversity is choice.


Sierraselection/SHOP provides a nice range of Line Flowers, Fillers, Focals and Novelty Foliages, as well as many comprehensive programs that include important staple items like Carnations, Minicarnations, Gypsophila, and Roses.

  • Our innovative Weekly Market Rose Offer ensures you get the best varieties at the lowest prices, every single week. Ask your sales rep about it!

  • We offer many products in a range of colors, grades, lengths and bunch sizes to accommodate the individual needs of your clients. Not all are listed so be sure to ask if you need shorter, longer stem lengths, bulk packs or grades.

  • Our Standing Order program ensures you always get the cream of the crop!


Sierra Standing Order means outSTANDING variety selection.


  • Best selection of hot varieties. The hottest varieties tend to sell out very quickly and are often very difficult to source on the open market. Booking your favorites on Standing Order means you will have these varieties every single week at a stable price.

  • Doubles at Holidays. Most product volumes are doubled for one week during the 4 major holidays at S/O price. Some products, like Roses are doubled only for 2 holidays; Valentine's Day and Mother's day.

  • Special Mix Boxes. You can create custom boxes of most of the products offered in our program. These special mixes are offered at the solid variety price, per stem, and are only available on Standing Order.

  • Priority. Standing Orders are given a priority at the farm. Throughout the entire production & transport processes, Standing Orders take precedence over market purchases. This ensures that your Standing Orders receive the highest priority when tight market situations arise.

  • Market Orders – M/O’s. A more flexible option than an S/O, an M/O program allows you to have a priority in reserving quantities, at market price. This program works very well to reserve those hot items available both year-round and seasonally that may not be available on S/O. Though M/O’s have a higher priority than open market orders, they are in no way guaranteed. Talk to your representative about how booking an M/O works and breathe easier knowing your favorite products are automatically being secured every week.                                                                                           


Sierra diversity is innovation.


Our buying team has built and maintained dynamic relationships with our partner farms, ensuring that Sierra and these farms work closely together on grading, quality, variety selection, and customized programs.


  • We offer tailor-made boxes in every category to meet individual business needs.

  • We have weekly, seasonal and annual product programs to simplify purchasing for you clients and ensure availability of desirable products during peak seasons.

  • We are constantly improving our technology to provide better communication and information to you and your clients, and to provide better flowers to the marketplace.

  • We believe that with better flowers in the marketplace, it increases positive floral experiences, and with more satisfied customers everyone wins!


Sustainability - Be exceptional!


Sierra sustainability is choosing responsibly.


Sierra’s core values recognize that we have an enormous impact on development in flower growing regions and that we are responsible to make our impact beneficial for all those contributing to the industry.


  • Sierra developed the SIERRA ECO program and brand in 2000. This program ensures that certified floral farms adhere to sustainable practices in agriculture and labor relations.

  • With Sierraflowerfinder/SHOP, more than HALF of suppliers are SIERRA ECO selected certified farms. This means getting sustainably produced flowers has never been easier!

  • These SIERRA ECO certifications include Rainforest Alliance, Florverde, Fair Trade & FlorEcuador.

  • Though many other certifications may exist, SIERRA ECO only validates whole-spectrum certification programs which include both environmental and social standards.

  • Through independent third-party auditing, we ensure the standards are enforced and farms are up-to-date and currently compliant with the labeling program.

  • We are constantly researching and studying the issue to deepen our understanding of the critical role we play in the floral industry, and we strive to share that information with those who also care as deeply as we do.

  • Please visit to visit our legacy website. Keep in mind we are in the process of revamping our website so keep an eye out for news on that!


Sierra sustainability is thinking long-term.


Sierra’s goal is to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with their clients and farms.


  • Sierra collaborates with you to build continual sales growth.

  • We work to understand your business in order to better meet your specific needs, for both today and in the future.

  • Sierra invests heavily in education, marketing and innovative programs to contribute to the growth of the floral industry.

  • In 1999, Sierra created and continues to develop, recognized as THE leading on-line information source for flower professionals at all levels of the industry.

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