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In this latest edition of our Flower Geek Studies, we are focusing in on Tulips -- lots of Tulips! Below is a snapshot of the types you can find in the market throughout late winter to Spring from Canada, from Holland, from France and likely lots of other regions, in all the colors of the rainbow and lots of different lengths. Keep in mind that there are also other Novelty types of Tulips. As this post is published in early March 2019, these varieties are available, but they are not available year round. Speak to your sales representative for more information on availability.

Single Tulips

Double Tulips

French Tulips

Frill Tulips

Parrot Tulips

Parrot Red Roccoco Tulip

Tulip Single

Beautifully Deep Red Single Tulips are available at prices which can allow you to splurge a bit! These are blush inducing to say the least; ultra-fresh, with squeaky, firm foliage... they feel great to the touch, and those supple, glistening petals in deep ruby and blood red tones will be sure to blush the cheeks and make anyone smile. As always, Single Tulips are produced in a lot of colors, we kept it focused by whittling down to only Red Varieties. Available in mixes as well as solid variety boxes from Holland, and there are also plenty of mixes available from Canada and France too.

Pictured: Strong Love, Surrender, Ile de France, Pallada, Escape, Ben Van Zanten

Tulips Double

Double Bloom structures are desired traits employed in floral hybridization to make blooms open fuller, wider and larger. So Double Tulips are just Tulips with lots of extra petals, but these go really far to change the look; adding extra dimension, visual interest and tons of volume.

Offered in a very wide assortment of varieties and colors, Double Tulips will have anyone swooning and seeing double. Double the fun!

Pictured here:

Purple Peony, Hot Pink Colombus, Red Princess, Dark Pink World Bowl, Lavender Blue Diamond, Pink Foxtrot, Orange Monte, Light Pink Double Endless Love, Orange Icoon.

French Tulips

French Tulips are known for their long 60cm plus lengths, but did you know that these tulips also have very large blooms and look extraordinarily elegant in a vase. Beautiful colors on tried and tested varieties with strong and long stems; here you get all the best of the Tulip Genus with these hardy flowers. Available now from France in 60cm lengths and also "Coupe" grade, which offers you the same huge head size but in shorter 30-45cm stem lengths.

Pictured here: Pink Menton, Hot Pink Renown, White Maureen, Peach D’Avignon, Orange Dordogne.

Tulip Frill

Why do anything NO FRILLS when you can go FULL FRILLS???

Tulip Frills are insanely underrated. The often double-bloomed petal structure opens wide to reveal a full, round bloom, with amazing color details and highly textured petals that make you want to reach out and touch them. You won’t be able to resist, we’re telling you right now. Long lasting, incredible colorful and ridiculously volumizing, these Tulips are really something to discover right now (out of Holland) if you haven’t already experienced them first hand.

Pictured here:

Red Indiana, Pink Lingerie, Blush Neglige, Lavender Oviedo, Yellow Mon Amour, Hot Pink Mascotte, Purple Crystal, Red Beyonce, Light Pink Cacharel, Pink Hawaii.

Tulip Parrot

Be a bright PARROT amid a flock of pigeons

The vivid colorations and textures on these PARROT TULIPS are totally out of this world. Hybridized for maximum impact and longest vase life, these flowers speak for themselves. Available now from Holland and Canada in a rainbow of colors and varieties.

Pictured here:

Pink Marvel, Yellow & Red Flaming, Pink & Yellow Parrot Lady, Purple Parrot Prince, White Super Parrot, Light Pink Libretto, Orange Avignon, Peach Apricot.

Tulip Parrot Red Roccoco

the French Romance of the Rococo Parrot Tulip

“Rococo” means late Baroque style, a style in interior design starting in 1730 and dating until the late 18th century. Marked by asymmetry, scrolling curves, gilding, sculpted, sumptuous moldings and artwork to create the illusion of surprise, motion and drama.... we can think of no better name to represent what we feel is the pinnacle of Parrot Tulips, Tulip Red Rococo. An absolute pitch perfect flower for date night, it’s deep blood red color, accented by all manner of richness and dramatic evocations is a perfect pairing for a romantic evening with the object of your affections. Tie a bunch with a black velvet ribbon or a lace and you are set. Add a good bottle of wine, some chocolates and your favorite little luxuries if you really want to spoil yourself. We say go for it, you deserve it. “When in Rome” as they say....

That concludes our little Tulip Study! Thank you all for reading and remember that you can check out our SierraFlowerFinder Photo Album Collection of Tulips which contains more information in these varieties by clicking here! Please note varieties change from week to week and so some of these varieties may no longer be available. Speak to a sales representative for more information.

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