• Lou Gadou

SNEAK PEEK: Cymbidiums

New Zealand Cymbidium season is just about to start!

Here is a snapshot of what to expect this season - use it as a reference & planning tool.

Meet your Cymbid A-team!

Click to see our full listing of all the major variety players which will likely be starring in the upcoming NZ Cymbidium Season! There are always surprises along the way, so please be sure to speak to your wholesale representative for any special orders.

Want to see what is available from NZ Bloom RIGHT NOW? (updated weekly) In addition to Cymbidiums, there are also Mini Cymbids, Pittosporums and Pieris buds.

Keep your eyes peeled for much more on New Zealand Cymbidiums in the coming weeks.

You can always visit NZ Bloom's awesome website to get more information.


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