• Lou Gadou

I heart anthuriums!

Anthuriums have a vase life of 2 - 4 weeks if you consider the following tips:

1) KEEP WARM - Never expose Anthuriums to temperatures below 15C, this means never storing them in the cooler, since this will cause a blackening of the flower. Making sure you offer winter wrapping for your clients as a nice extra step to ensuring an awesome floral experience.

2) KEEP MOIST - Maintaining a high humidity level is another critical factor to extra long vase life. In dry winter air, you can spray the blooms with a fine mist of pure water.

3) PACKING - Only source your Anthuriums from a proven supplier who understands the importance of proper packing. Look for plastic-sleeved blooms, good spacing in boxes, winter packing during the cold months etc...

These high impact, hyper-pigmented blooms are available in a wide array of colours and sizes, right now availability is focused on red varieties. See the SFF album for more details, and consult our Anuthurium section for the wider collection, but take note that availability is quite limited.


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