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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

The early flower gets the bird

Mother Nature always has some tricks up her sleeve. In spring, everything comes alive again, sure, but it is only slowly and with a bit of desperation. There are many animals searching for food, but most of the nourishing flowers and plants which feed them are still struggling in the cold to get enough sun and water. One exception - bulb flowers. By the time the weather warms up these clever beauties have already found a way of getting way ahead of all the others... How is it that they manage to mature so much faster than any other flower at the very first glimpse of spring? The answer?

....They cheat!

No no, not exactly. LOL In fact the answer is that they are made to be just a teensy bit cleverer than other flowers by Mother Nature, given something like a built-in head start.

You see, all bulb flowers cycle through varying forms of foliage states, vegetative states, dormant states and reproductive states. During the foliage and vegetative states, they absorb sunshine through their foliage and shuttle the energy down to where the roots begin storing other nutrients. Even when the foliage above ground dies off, the bulbs are still hard at work storing and processing all that energy, taking their time growing underground while developing root, tuber, corm and stem structures. Then, just as they are finishing up as the surrounding soil cools, they go dormant.

Following that period of dormancy, and triggered by certain environmental factors like temperature and humidity, they enter into their most notorious stage, the reproductive stage. This is where they spend all the energy that they have saved up, to bloom in a spectacular burst of color and life.

This is what makes bulb flowers so poetic and powerful, they bloom so quickly and gloriously, and they do this amid the mud-strewn, snowy starkness of early spring. While the shy little sprouts of seed flowers are still stuck struggling in the frozen mud, trying to reach up toward the weak spring sun, bulb flowers are already out there flashing their bold colors, their stems bolting up at first light; blooms strong, bright and solid; ready to attract and nourish nature with nectars and pollens.

And after a long winter, those pollinators, birds and bees and everyone else, they are ready to go - they’re hungry! It's no surprise that spring bulb flowers also tend to have the most irresistibly delicious scents. It was all designed to be a welcome respite for the senses after a long winter. Color! Scents! Spring! We made it!

So it is their quick and early timing which makes them so clever, and they do this by saving up ahead of time, slowly building up their energy, developing their inner strength and resting well. They lie low, get stocked up and only when the time is right do they finally rise up, work hard and shine bright.

And heck, when you really think about it, we think that’s good advice for anyone, really. :)

There are many different kinds of fresh cut Bulb flowers to choose from this time of year, but we have whittled the list down to just a few, the top of the heap right now – these are selected by availability, variety & color selection, and of course, quality.

You can find variety names and info here, in our Lightbulb Collection Album.



A hallmark of Daffodils & Narcissus is that as a cut flower, you cannot place them with other flowers in a vase, but rather, you must keep them isolated. You can indeed plant them with other bulbs in a garden, but do not place them with other cut flowers in a vase. This is because a toxic substance within the stem leaches into the water and poisons the other cut flowers.

Interestingly, Narcissus is said to be at least partially named for the greek legend of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection. The legend is linked to Narcissism, which is defined in psychology by selfishness, involving a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, and a need for admiration. The idea that these beauties don't play well with others and need to admired is thus a metaphor of almost mythical quality.

A vase of Daffodils not only looks glorious, but it will release a luxuriously complex and beautiful scent into your home; they are an experience not to be missed, by anyone!



Hyacinth scent has been described as Rose, Honey, Fruits and Rum.

Fresh cut Hyacinth is shipped with closed blooms, but it opens remarkably well in water. In fact, much like tulips, cut Hyacinth blooms will continue to grow somewhat as they hydrate. Don’t cut the base stems! Hyacinths are cut in a special way by a special machine and shipped with a partial bulb section still attached to the stem called the “basal plate”, which is essential for good, long vase life. The blooms can open and mature so much that they become heavy, so plan a way to support them; a tall vase is recommended. They will last a week with proper care!

Muscari – Grape Hyacinth

Muscari – Grape Hyacinth

*short and sweet* One of the best smelling flowers you will ever experience! Offered in shorter 20cm to 30cm stem lengths from Holland, and very soon from Canada as well. Also available in White.

Mini Calla Colors

Mini Calla Colors

Right now, these Mini Callas are a pitch perfect spring & Easter thematic addition to your shop and healthy production means sharp prices, amazing quality and good volumes. Available from Ecuador in 30+, 40+, 50+ & 60+cm grading. There are no shortage of amazingly colored Callas, truly – there is a veritable rainbow of hues for you to discover out there!

There are some other popular commercially available cut bulb flowers available, click here to see pictures.

Agapanthus Allium Amaryllis Calla Lilies Freesia Fritillaria Gladiolas Iris Lilies Muscari Nerine Tulips

“Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light.”

Theodore Roethke

Thank you for reading and for more information on these featured flowers, visit SierraFlowerFinder.com or click here to get info on each available variety!

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