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Fresh Flower Imports tool for Mid August

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Mid-August. Yes, I know. Already. (eye roll) Where did July even go? This time of year is a like a weird kind of purgatory where you pinch yourself and wonder if it really can be so lovely. It can. It really can. Things will pick up, and we all know this, but for now, Mid-August is a time to

stop and smell the flowers. And we work in flowers, so it's super easy to do! So do it. Please.

Things start to ramp up soon with back to school - everyone will be putting on their game face soon, but not quite yet. With Fall & Thanksgiving planning already underway we're already starting to look at Christmas Greens (gasp!) - BUT NOT YET!! So relax! Look at flowers in a new light, reconnect with your passion. Enjoy the sunshine.

This past week made us look at a few flowers in a fresh new light. Gingers, especially the pink ones really impressed us again, and so did Anthuriums! I mean wow! It's baffling; Anthuriums have a 4 week vase life, great pricing and strong availability from both Holland & Costa Rica and yet somehow we haven't really seen any movement in our markets. So now is a good time to see what is happening with Anthuriums as the fall season ramps up and demand for Reds, Burgundies, Dark Peaches and Oranges starts to increase. So many colors!

Which flower should YOU be taking a fresh look at?

Fresh look! Anthuriums <3

Flower of the week: Cymbidium Apricot Asami

Why Asami? The pricing offers exceptional value and this variety is both a cult favorite and a rare delight, usually offered only sparingly in the mid to late Cymbidium season from New Zealand. Now it seems to be available for a few weeks! Fingers crossed you can get some! Ask your wholesaler!

Reminder, too:

  1. You can either use these "full stem" (available in grades of 7 blooms to 20+ per stem) or you can use them "single bloom" to maximize value.

  2. Cymbidiums last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks with proper care making them one of the longest lasting flowers you can get.

Why do we compile the list tool below?

If you wait to see the product on the shelf of your wholesaler, you could miss the boat. How do you know which flowers are at their peak? Stay up to date on fresh flower availability with our free tool!

The cream of the crops

The flowers in the below collections are definitely happening right now, so be sure to ask your wholesaler about them! It may be a question of your wholesaler looking around a little bit, there could be some logistical constraints in getting you products from certain regions of the world. The important thing is that you know what is out there!

Click on blue links or pictures to see the collections on our Flower Finder, sierraflowerfinder.com. The collections are updated several times per week, because as we all know so well, things move very fast in the floral world!

Our recurring collections, updated weekly:

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Updated Collections:

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