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Fresh Cut Flower Imports for November

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

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The Floral Test Lab:

This is where we evaluate and test new products every week.

Winner: Fuji Bronze Saffina

Runner ups: Aster Asst Colors Serenade

Hydrangea Pink Magic (Colombia)

Third place: Succulents Asst Box (Colombia)

Why do we compile the list tool below?

If you wait to see the product on the shelf of your wholesaler, you could miss the boat. How do you know which flowers are at their peak? Stay up to date on fresh flower availability with our free tool!

The cream of the crops

The flowers in the below collections are definitely happening right now, so be sure to ask your wholesaler about them! It may be a question of your wholesaler looking around a little bit, there could be some logistical constraints in getting you products from certain regions of the world. The important thing is that you know what is out there!

Click on blue links or pictures below to see the collections on our Flower Finder, sierraflowerfinder.com. The collections are updated several times per week, because as we all know so well, things move very fast in the floral world!

Our recurring collections, updated weekly:

Holland All-Stars -- What's New This Week -- Wow Flowers List

Updated Collections:

Fall Superstars, South African Goodies, Christmas Greens, Canadian Flowers.

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