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Fresh Cut Flower Imports for January

Updated: Jan 9

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2020!

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We hope you had great holidays filled with beautiful flowers! It's the dawn of a decade now! As we look toward 2020 and beyond there are so many amazing floral holidays coming up to inspire us; so many trends, so many new colors and new kinds of designs!

Let's dive in right away!

In this post we are sharing our FLORAL TEST LAB pictures from over the holidays; Delphinium Elatum Carnival Series from Ecuador was a great tester and really had us talking. That's really good news because we also found out that the Pantone 2020 color of the year is Classic Blue! There are of course a nice range of flowers available in natural blue, but few are more popular than Delphinium! That being said, we're making a bet that the color Blue is likely to be a bit more in demand this year. We'll keep you posted on Blue Flowers soon.

Following that, we give you our usual closer look at January flowers in the form of the FLORAL FINDER TOOL; an assembly of the best quality, most available flowers from around the world. Right now Israël and California are going pretty strong, in fact, we are looking forward to the start of California flushes in Waxflower coming up around Valentine's Day!

We also can't talk about January without mentioning Chinese New Year, which is celebrated on January 25th this year. The year of the Rat also happens to be a fitting start to a new decade because the rat is also the very start of the Chinese astrological cycle; so it's a DOUBLE new beginning. Take a look at our special collection of pitch perfect CNY Flowers!

And finally, we can't talk about January without mentioning something about Valentine's day. In this post, in our FLORAL DOSSIER, we take note of a trend toward using DRIED FLOWERS in romantic arrangements and we also dive deep into the COLOR PALETTE used for for Valentine's designs, all with our distinctive FlowerFinder Twist.

Without further ado, let's jump in!

The Floral Test Lab:

This is where we evaluate and test new products every week.

Winner: Delphinium Blue

Runner up: Statice Mega Bunch Collection

Third place: Fuji Green Anastasia

- Flower Finder Tool -

Why do we compile the list tool below?

If you wait to see the product on the shelf of your wholesaler, you could miss the boat. How do you know which flowers are at their peak? Stay up to date on fresh flower availability with our free tool!

The cream of the crops

The flowers in the below collections are definitely happening right now, so be sure to ask your wholesaler about them! It may be a question of your wholesaler looking around a little bit, there could be some logistical constraints in getting you products from certain regions of the world. The important thing is that you know what is out there!

Click on blue links or pictures below to see the collections on our Flower Finder, sierraflowerfinder.com. The collections are updated several times per week, because as we all know so well, things move very fast in the floral world!

Our recurring collections, updated weekly:

Holland All-Stars -- What's New This Week -- Wow Flowers List

Updated Collections:

Israël, California, Waxflower.

Happy Chinese New Year 2020: Year of the Rat

The year of Rat offers us some great opportunities in floral design. The occasion traditionally calls for branches, fruits, and orchids and flowers like carnations and chrysanthemum disbuds in auspicious Gold & Red tones. This year is the year of the Rat, so some additional lucky choices this year can be Lilies of all kinds! That includes Calla Lilies, Asiatics, Orientals, L.A. Hybrids and Lily-of-the-Valley. Lots of fun options this year! As usual the use of fruits or fruit blossoms on the branch are recommended; we recommend Solanum Fruit (Pig Face) from Peru. Click here to see our top picks for Chinese New Year floral design!

Trend watch: Dried Flowers

From bleached to preserved, to Flowers to Foliages... we offer you a quick look at the latest in dried flower products... more to come! Click here to see the collection.

This month we can an in-depth look at Valentine's Day Color palette. Click here to see the flower collections!

This time last year

A nice in-depth look at Holland Tulips including Singles, Doubles, Frilled, Parrots & French!

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A look at the popular Color Palette for Valentine's Day Arrangements, this post ushers you to Collections of Red, Pink & White flowers which were available last year.

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This post is great reminder of why Anthuriums make for a fantastic floral experience! Why? In short: 3-4 week vase life with proper care!


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