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Covid-19 & the floral industry

This special edition covers a surge in positivity within the industry, where flower imports continue to be available despite the current situation (at least for now) and we also share some great content we found.

We are living through such a uniquely dark time in history, filled with uncertainty and fear.

But like all dark times, there are innumerable beacons of light, and dare we say that the flower industry burns brightly among them.

Many farms and growing centers are now overstocked in flowers and while looking for solutions, they've found many interesting and creative options to offer flowers.

From roadside stands offering great deals on bouquets, to contactless flower delivery, to finally countless acts of charitable kindness from suppliers to the heroes of Covid-19; doctors, nurses, police officers... giving flowers has never been a more emotional and uplifting experience.

Flowers have never before been more symbolic of love, empathy, care, gratitude and solidarity. We cannot reach out to the ones we love and miss, but we can send flowers. Imagine a person opening their front door to find a beautiful bouquet or a luxurious plant sitting there with a note that says simply "I miss you".

Better yet imagine that this person has been working non-stop in the community lately, and imagine that note says "thank you for your hard work and sacrifice".

As floral industry professionals, lately we can feel bungled down wIth so many logistical, pricing, staffing and operational concerns that sometimes we forget the impact we have on the world. But there are others out there in the world who are leading the way, getting back to the root of why we work with flowers to begin with.

We are reminded now that flowers are about love, celebration of life, joy and uplifing others. That's what flowers have always been about. They will forever be about the heart.

And what a time to be reminded of that!

Check out some of the amazing content we have found out there, and there are so many more, too many to list here!

It's worth saying it here -- to all the floral heroes out there, and heroes of all kinds who are working ceaselessly to get us all through this difficult time --- THANK YOU!

For more inspiring stories and information on how you can buy or participate, check out instagram with the hashtags #buyflowersnottoiletpaper (lol) #flowers4heroes #flowerboostchallenge #flowersforhope #flowerpower #floristsandflowers #powerofflowers #sayitwithflowers #spreadlove

Here are some gorgeous videos:

Flowers from Colombia from our friends at ASOCOLFLORES.

#buyflowersnottoiletpaper campaign, from WestCountryMedia.nl

We sincerely wish that we can all emerge through these tough times stronger and more together than ever before.

Stay safe everyone!

The SierraFlowerFinder Team

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