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updated January 10th 2020

Every year we import over 5 million stems of Roses for our clients in over 300 different varieties. 


3 million of those stems are imported through standing order booking programs, which offer truly fantastic benefits in comparison to open market. With Standing Orders you get perks like increased price stability, much better variety availability and the strongest order fulfillments.

Speak to your representative about specific Rose varieties and booking programs to help you secure the trendiest and highest quality Roses today!

We offer Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Tinted & Painted, as well as over 300 varieties of regular Roses. See the Sierraflowerfinder to browse our rose selection. 

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Garden Roses

Rose Tinted

Spray Roses in 40cm, 50cm, 60cm & 70cm

Standard Roses in 40cm, 50cm, 60cm & 70cm



Disbuds of all kinds, all packs and grades

Fujis Natural & Tinted/Painted

Spray Poms natural & Tinted



All grades, All colors & Asst mixes


Carnation & Minis

Carnation all Colors and Asst, Standard, Fancy & Select grades

Minicarnations Asst & Solid Fancy


Line Flowers

Agapanthus Blue Wet Pack 70cm

Delph Candle Premium Blue or White 80cm

Delph Hybrid Asst or Solid Blue Benary 70cm & 80cm

Delph Light Blue Sky 80cm & 90cm

Delph Volkenfrieden 60cm to 90cm

Delph Waltz Dark Blue Sea 60cm to 90cm

Double Stick Spray Asst & Solid 70cm 5st

Double Stock Super Asst & Solid Colours 70cm

Leucadendron Asst 40cm to 90cm

Leucadendron Bi-color Jester 40cm to 90cm

Leucadendron Green Gold Strike 40cm to 90cm

Leucadendron Red Safari Sunset 40cm to 90cm

Liatris 55cm to 100cm

Molucella Green 60cm to 90cm


Filler Flowers

Achillea Yellow Bouquet & Select

Aster Asst & Solid Yellow, White, Pink & Purple, Fancy & Select

Aster Painted Asst Color Mix or Solid Fancy & Select

Aster Yellow Solidago Fancy & Select

Bupleurum 60cm to 90cm

Dianthus Gypsi Amazon Asst & Solid Neon

Dianthus Tinted Asst Colours & Rainbow

Gypsophila, all grades

Hypericum Singles & Sprays, All colors and Grades, Asst & Solid

Limonium Hybrid Asst Sinensis Fancy, Select & Short

Limonium Hybrid Blue Maine, Sinensis Pink, White, Yellow Sinensis, Fancy, Select & Short

Limonium Hybrid Tinted Sinensis Fancy, Select & Short

Limonium Hybrid White & Yellow Pina Colada Fancy, Select & Short

Limonium Misty Blue, White or Asst 90cm 280g

Queen Anne’s Lace Green Mist Bouquet & Select

Statice T-Culture Asst & Solids, Fancy, Mega Bunch, Select & Short

Trachelium Asst or Solid Green Fancy, Select & Super Extra

Waxflower Asst, Pink, White, Tinted Mix 65+cm 320g bunches


Focal & Secondary Flowers

Aster Matsumoto Asst or Solid Hot Pink, Pink & Purple 60cm

Calla Color from Sande

Dianthus Green Ball & Trick, all grades

Eryngium Asst & Solid Blue or Green Bell 50cm, 60cm & 70cm

Eryngium Blue Dynamite, all grades

Eryngium Blue Lagoon 50cm, 60cm & 70cm

Eryngium Deep Blue or Light Green Jackpot, all grades

Hydrangea, all colors, all grades

Lilies Double Rose Asst 70cm

Lilies L.A Hybrids Asst & Solid Colors 70cm 2-3bl & 3+bl

Lilies Oriental Asst & Solid Colors 70cm 3+bl

Ornithogalum White 40cm to 50+cm

Pincushion Asst & Solid Orange, Yellow or Red, 40cm to 60cm

Ranunculus Asst Colors 30+cm, 35+cm & 40cm

Scabiosa Asst 50cm to 60cm

Sunflower Bicolor Firewalker 3+cmbl & 5+cmbl

Sunflower Yellow Sunbright 3+cmbl & 5+cmbl

Sunflower Yellow Vincent Dark & Green Centers 3+cmbl & 5+cmbl

Veronica Asst or Solid Blue, Pink or White 60cm



Aralia Green 45-50cm

Cocculus 50-60cm 10st

Coffee Leaf Medium 65-70cm

Cordyline Leaves Green, Purple, Asst Mix & Tips

Dracaena Marginata

Euc Baby Blue Green 50-55cm 10st

Fatsia Japonica Mini 15-24cm

Fish Tail 60-80cm

Flax Asst 55-60cm

Flax Variegated 55-60cm

Lily Grass Asst Green / Variegated 60cm 25st

Monstera S, M & L

Photinia Green or Red 60cm

Pittosporum Green / Variegated Mix or Solid 50+cm 10st

Ruscus Israel, Natural or Painted, all grades

Washingtonia Robusta 190cm



Corn Asst Medium 7.5cm – 11cm

Craspedia Natural Yellow & Painted Color Mix 60-70cm

Dusty Miller Silver Cloud 40cm to 55cm

Dusty Miller Silver Laggon 50cm to 60cm

Pepperberry Naked Green and/or Pink

Pineapple Baby Green or Large 40-50cm

Tesorillo Del Inca (crazy awesome mix of weird Peruvian novelties)

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